At Melbourne Bridal & Debutante we have turned the tables on the bridal industry. We are now able to bring you gorgeous top quality gowns at wholesale prices. That’s right, brand new gowns with a minimum off 50% off the recommended retail price. These are all gowns that are made to order especially for you – not samples, and not an off the rack purchase. We operate just like any other bridal store but without the complicated mark up process giving you TRUE affordable luxury.

We focus on giving our customers the highest quality gowns, the best boutique experience and the best prices we can – it’s really that simple!

A wedding gown should not have to break the bank (unless you want it to!), which is why we have gowns for a range of budgets. Gowns range from $265 - $1595 (RRP $575 - $3390) and silks are available in most styles at a reasonable additional cost. We believe it’s not the price tag that makes a gown special, but how you look and feel! And our gowns are designed to make you look and feel amazing!

All Melbourne Bridal & Debutante gowns are made from the finest quality fabrics and laces with spectacular crystal beading detail. All gowns are of superior quality to rival even the most esteemed bridal wear designers.

As each gown has been designed in house, we are able to make any changes you may require from changing necklines to adding straps. We can even mix and match gowns with a few redesign tweaks. Want to design your own gown? No problem – and it’s still at a wholesale price! Our designer is also always on hand to ensure that you will look and feel absolutely fabulous with your final design.

If you want value for money, a superior quality gown and a fun and easy buying experience, then Melbourne Bridal & Debutante is definitely for you.

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